Back …..

I guess the title of this post is pretty accurate, huh?  I’m back.  Some years have passed and God knows many things have changed.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about it.  I think I may have finally gotten a hold on it all.

First – in case you are just joining me, my name is Tonya.  I started blogging because I wanted to talk about being single and there weren’t very many bloggers out there (at least that I could find) who talked about the things I wanted to read about.  So I guess I started to write it myself.  But then….

I met a guy (who dropped down my chimney – metaphorically, if not literally) and I goddamn married him.   We actually went to college together, were friends and then went our separate ways.  We became Facebook friends and when he moved to the QC for a job, he asked me to dinner and the rest is history.  I’ll tell you all about it sometime – but we’ll save him for later.

Next, in case you guys are old followers and are wondering – I’m still practicing law and might even talk about it here in some form or fashion.  I have never blogged about my legal thoughts before but the advent of the Trump Administration and his attacks on the judiciary have made me want to say some stuff.  About two years ago, I left my very little firm and went to work for a Very Big Firm.  Now I have an office on the 27th floor.  I can’t believe it – but there you go.

I’m still addicted to shoes, bags and decorating the house.  In fact, my desire for a perfectly appointed home seems to have been exacerbated by my husband, who enjoys good scotch and nice sheets and happily accepts all the cufflinks I buy for him.

The sad news is that my darling little Beans, Finn and Lola left me in 2014, 33 days apart. They had good, long lives full of everything good and while their loss rocked us, we are continually thankful for the deep blessing of their lives.  I am sure they are off together in puppy heaven – snoozing and eating to their hearts’ content.

The happy news is that we have new puppies.  Teddy is three and a half now and is a very fuzzy little puppy with anti-social tendencies.  As a lhasa apso, he was bred to be worshipped and he firmly adheres to his breeding.  Then we have Clementine.  Clemmy is a baby pup (almost 5 months old, as of this writing).  She is a rescue puppy and we think she is a dachshund/corgi mixed with something really little and fuzzy.  She is as boisterous as Teddy is reserved and she doesn’t think much of his hoity toity attitude. I will tell you all about them – they are miraculous and very, very loved.

This blog will be a bit different than before – the things I want to talk about have changed.  I want to talk about being a woman, about becoming a woman and about how the choices we make shape the person that we become.  I want to talk about books, about culture and about Charlotte.  About law.  About handbags (some things will never change) and as always, about Chateau Bee Charmer.

If you are coming back from before, I am so glad to see you!  If you are new, I hope you’ll hang out.