We’re traveling up to the West Virginia/Virginia Tech game this weekend and will be spending the weekend with all our college friends.

Clem and Teddy are staying home but will be with us in spirit.

In the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favorites this week.

The Death of Fun as we Know It:  Head on over to the National Review for this article by Heather Wilhelm on the death of fun.

Speaking of Fun – It’s Fall Fashion:  Check out Ann Taylor’s new shoes – they are hitting it out of the park this season.  I am particularly partial to these and these.  And these wedges really trip my trigger.

West Virginia Football!  The Mountaineers are back.  If you are inclined to follow along, head over to the Smoking Musket for all the news, snark, celebrating and bitching that’s fit to print.

FRED:  Ok, y’all.  I have a love/hate relationship with bottled water.  I know its good for me but I have serious issues with all those bottles in the landfill.  I have tried and rejected like 4000 refillable water bottles – I find them bulky and an overall pain.  Then I found Fred.  I love that it’s a refillable, recyclable water bottle.  I love that it is so light weight when its empty. and its square shape makes it easier to fit in my bag.  And I super love that I walk around my office with it and more than one person has believed that I was swigging from a big bottle of Vodka.

Vogue:  I’m reading the September Issue this weekend – and I think all of y’all ought to read it, too.  American women are suffering from a dearth of old fashioned elegance (this will be a recurring topic here) and in my opinion all grown ass women need to read Vogue.

Holiday Weekend Cooking:  If you’re looking for something to cook this weekend (cool and rainy on the East Coast) you may want to try Katie Lee’s chili.  Katie is a fellow West Virginian and her first cookbook is a favorite here at Chateau Bee Charmer.  I’ve also been gearing up to try Husk’s Pimento Cheese recipe.   If you give it a shot, hopefully you can find a source for good pickled ramps!

Houston Flood Relief:  Finally, I am a huge supporter of the American Red Cross.  If you’d like to help their disaster relief efforts in Houston, please join me by donating $10 just by texting “HARVEY” to 90999.

Happy weekend, all.



2 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. I’ve bought a house, gotten married, paid off school loans, and turned 40, but nothing makes me feel like more of a grown up than my Vogue subscription.


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