Well – here he is.  Our little Teddy.

Isn’t he cute?  Don’t you just want to smooch him up?

If you think that, then you’ve already fallen into his evil trap.

He looks like a Teddy Bear but in his little heart he is a cranky, cantankerous, suspicious little hillbilly who’d like for you to get off his porch.

His theme song is “Get Back, Motherfucker, You Don’t Know Me Like That.”

When strangers try to pet  him his standard reaction is “Do I *know* you?”

Teddy is a lhasa apso.  The breed standard says they are “chary with strangers”.  I’m not sure what “chary” means but I will tell you this:  The sweet angel who comes to “walk” him at lunch has been coming since last March and he still won’t let her put his leash on him.  He doesn’t attack her anymore – you know – so progress.

I kinda kid you.  He is actually pretty sweet once you get to know him but he’s stingy with his love.  He reserves his most adoring attention for my darling husband, also known as “Popsie” to the puppies.  He loves me if MDH is not around.  He’s tried to kill Clementine several times and is still not quite happy that she’s around.  We’ll talk about Clem later.

So here he is.  I am sure that, like the Beans, he will be showing up from time to time.  Right now he is recovering from a cornea transplant due to an infection in his right eye.  He’s been in the cone for almost 3 weeks, hasn’t had a bath or a haircut and is generally stinky and shagnasty right now.  Not to mention that his eye is still healing.  I’ll post some pics of this journey after he’s fully healed.  As of now, he’s doing great and no longer on his pain meds and only having antibiotic drops in his eye.  He goes back to the puppy ophthalmologist (who we adore) next week.

In the meantime, meet Teddy Cakes.



One thought on “Teddy The Terrible

  1. Tonya! You can WRITE. This is why I’m SO SO happy you’re back. Okay I will stop going on about it. What I will say is Teddy is the sweetest. He sounds like he’s got plenty of character (and then some!). I love dogs like that. I’m so glad he’s recovering okay from his transplant. My cavalier king charles spaniel, Libby, just had an ulcer on her eye. God it was exhausting. We had to give her eyedrops several times every hour for a WHOLE WEEK. It was a little/a lot tiring. And don’t they HATE the cones? She was so thrilled when it came off. I love that your pups call your hubby Popsie. That’s hilarious! Can’t wait to see more of Teddy and be introduced to Clementine too!


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