In Heaven

Some little blades of grass

Stood before God.

“What did you do?”

Then all save one of the little blades

Began eagerly to relate

The merits of their lives.

This one stayed a small way behind,


Presently, God said:

“And what did you do?”

The little blade answered: “Oh, my Lord,

“Memory is bitter to me

“For if I did good deeds,

“I know not of them.”

Then God in all His splendor

Arose from His throne.

“Oh, best little blade of grass,” He said.

Stephen Crane

Happy Weekend

Oh my goodness, y’all – it’s Friday.  It seems like this week has both flown by and been interminable.  I think I always feel that way about “short” weeks.

This weekend I am puttering in the house, organizing and updating my bullet journal.  I *still* haven’t done my setup for September and its starting to weigh on me.  Does anyone out there bullet journal?  I started last year and I have to say that it works for me.

We are also going to spend some time getting ready for our anniversary trip to Paris later this month.  You guys know how much I love Paris and my darling husband and I are going to celebrate this year.  It’s his first trip and we can’t wait!

In the meantime, here are some favorite links from the week and the coming weekend:

Reading:  Currently I am reading A Death in the Family by James Agee.  I am a couple of chapters in and I hope to make progress this weekend.

Listening:  Brad Paisley is in the QC tonight and MDH and I have tix.  We love Brad and, you know, he’s from West Virginia, too.  He actually played Charlotte the night before our wedding and we tried to start a nasty rumor that he was coming to the wedding.  Nobody fell for it but my Mom… So there.

Distant Lights Across the Bay:  Mourning Walter Becker, Steely Dan’s elusive genius.  Rest in Peace.  It is my understanding that the love of Steely Dan is currently a running joke in the Broadway show, Oh, Hello.  As I understand it, she show features two crotchety old Upper West Side pals who fancy themselves hip but are impassioned, die hard Steely Dan fans.  My darlings, we here at Chateau Bee Charmer are also guilty.

College Level Shit:  Go watch people try moonshine for the first time.  By the way – do not ever, ever, ever fall for trying any sort of fruit soaked in moonshine.  Trust me on this.

Must Have Closet Additions:  Y’all, I bought this high waisted (minus the) Leather Pencil Skirt from Express with some amount of trepidation.  I wore it to work yesterday and it is seriously one of the most comfortable, easy to wear and flattering things I own.  And the price is quite nice.