Bringing It Back

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Witness Audrey Hepburn….

She made the Louis Vuitton Speedy famous.  And here she is at the airport with her Speedy 25 AND her handbag.

How often have we felt that *one* handbag just isn’t enough?  Well, I know I have….

So I think that we should all have fabulous, chic doctor’s bags…. Speedy is iconic, the Gucci Boston Bag is another – but almost every handbag line has made one at some time or another.  Amazing vintage ones are available on eBay…..  And these will schlep all the stuff while the smaller, amazing bag will carry the essentials… A small card case, your lipstick, your iPhone, a pen, your compact mirror, your mints and (in Audrey’s case) her cigarettes and lighter in what was, no doubt, the chic-est little case imaginable….

And while we’re at it, lets start thinking about bringing back headscarfs….

Let’s do it, ladies!  Lets bring it back!!