Have you ever noticed how hard it is sometimes just to be where you are?  Just to be here?

Being here sometimes seems unbearable.  When you’re in pain.  When you’re scared to death.  When you don’t want to be part of what you have to be part of.

And then there are the times that you are so busy running ahead trying to control the future or ruminating on the past that you miss here.  You miss now.  You miss the joy and the wonder and the happy of now.

I’ve noticed over the years that when I just let myself *be* – when I just worry about right now, right here, this moment.  This. Very. Moment.  When I am most present in the here of my life – that is always when I’m most calm.  When I’m not desperately trying to imagine every possible outcome of the future, not worried about this appointment or that deadline.  When I stop looking back or ahead down the long, long path of doubt, fear, stress, joy, obligation, regret, wonder, uncertainty, and anticipation – when I just sit in the moment and the next step to take – then here isn’t so scary.

Here is all you have.  Really.


Be here now.