Yes!  Weekend!!!

Making:  The house look a little more cozy.  Finally hanging new curtains in the sunroom.  Changing out some of the bedding in the master bedroom.  Looking for a good place for our fur throw!  Oh yeah – and I bought a little vintage occasional table that thwarts all styling attempts.  I’ve gotta get that little puppy in line!

Cooking:  Fifteen Bean Soup in the crockpot.  A little onion.  A little pancetta.  8 hours to goodness!

Drinking:  Whiskey.  And lots of it.

Enjoying:  Our fireplace!  We love it and we miss it all summer – and we are honestly so glad to see the summer heat go!

Reading:  Vogue – November issue.  Hoping to finish up The Buried Giant.

Trawling:  Sleepy Poet for vintage vinyl and little brass animals.  eBay for a vintage Gucci canvas tote.

Exploring:  Our neighborhood community yard sale.  Maybe I’ll find something.  Maybe I’ll just end up judging my neighbors’ taste.  Who knows.  Honestly, my money’s on judgment.

Thinking About:  What to read next and whether or not I *need* black suede wedges.

Wishing:  I really, really, really, really wish that I could lose 10 pounds without exercise, effort or giving up whisky.   See above.

Watching:  Mountaineer football, Charade and season 4 of Transparent.  Y’all, I thought I was open minded before we started watching Transparent.  Now I’m just confused.

Listening:  Chet Baker and John Coltrane.  Counting Crows and the BoDeans…. so, so good.

Have a lovely weekend, darlings!


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