Our homes should always touch the five senses:  They should look good, smell good, sound good, taste good and feel good.  Our homes are not just our shelters, they are our harbors and our havens and making a home is a noble endeavor.

Here’s what’s new around this little charming home:


Enough Les Jemelles to last a few days.  It tastes good!


The results of an improptu trip to North State Books – the used bookstore in Heaven (actually it’s in Lincolnton, but it is my idea of heavenly).  What could be more wonderful than a home filled with good books?

Edna 1Edna 2

I can’t believe I scored this beautiful book of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poetry with gorgeous abstract photographs by Ivan Massar.  To me, the thrill of vintage shopping is that you just never know what you’ll find.  This book is going to be one of those finds for me.

C Monogram Cards_Fotor 1_Fotor 2

I fell in love with the lovely, marbleized monogram notecards that I picked up at B.D. Jeffries.  I suspect one of them will end up in a frame and the rest will be so nice to send to others.

Target Pens 2

And these sweet pens from Target – basically, I’m a pen and paper freak.  I think everything in your home should be both beautiful and functional.  These little gems are already such a joy to look at in my little pencil cup.


What’s sounding good here these days?  Vintage Vinyl!  Did I mention that my darling husband and I have decided to invest in a turntable and a few very select vintage albums?  Well we have.  Here are our two latest finds – Steely Dan’s Gaucho and Sweet Baby James.  The static is so comforting….

McKenzie Dove

And finally, and saving the best for last, in honor of my upcoming birthday I decided to buy a little piece of art to add to our small collection.  It’s called Au Cheval by Birmingham artist, McKenzie Dove.  I am in love with it and this picture does not do it justice.  I paired it with a Lynne Riding piece I picked up about 6 years ago in Charleston, South Carolina.  They are so beautiful together and I’m excited that the Riding piece now has such a great companion.  She’s really been an orphan until now!

What are you doing to make your house a home?  I’d love to hear from you so comment below and let me know.



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