IMG_2435Earlier this spring I launched into a major spate of redecoration here at Chateau Bee Charmer.  The marriage and the kids and the job change and the new puppies took their toll on the enthusiasm I’ve always had for decorating my home.  But around April I started to make some changes and we’re going to be talking about them in the coming weeks and months – maybe forever.

In addition to replacing some old furniture and moving a lot of things around, I also took on quite a few little do it myself projects.  I really do think that the only way to find truly unique pieces for your house is to open yourself up to the possibilities of vintage pieces.  To that end, I picked up this little vintage chair on the cheap and it was one of my first projects.

Here are the before shots:

Chair 2_FotorChair 1_Fotor


As you can see, this is a very sculptural little mid-century chair and when I first brought it home I really had no idea what to do with it or where to put it.  But we brought it home anyway and I pondered it for a while.

Anyway – this sat around for a long time until I found some Pinterest inspiration in the form of this gorgeous chair:

Plaid Chair


So after a little trip to Calico Corners and some blood, sweat and choice four letter words this is how it came out:

Plaid Chair 4

Plaid Chair 2Plaid chair 3

I really love the contrast of this fairly preppy and traditional buffalo check plaid on this little mid-century chair and I love placing it on the bias.  I have some fabric left and I’m currently scouting a little ottoman that I can recover and use as a side table over in the living room in order to pull this fabric in a bit more.  While this is certainly a spare seat when we need one, we basically use this as move of a table and it is usually where my husband dumps off his briefcase and his jacket at the end of the day.  I especially love where this chair ended up because we usually view it from the side, which really sets off its sculptural qualities.  It’s also another good lesson in how to turn a “dead space” into a usable and functional part of your house.  We’d always kept this area open for easy puppy access to the back door.  But placement of the chair here really helped define our sunroom as a separate space without putting a wall in – and the puppies just walk right under it so – you know – as long as they’re not inconvenienced…..

So there it is – a little chair makeover.  Hopefully you’ll be inspired to take on your own projects.  If you are, please comment below – I’d love to hear from you!!


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