What are y’all doing this weekend?

Making:  Cuban bread french toast.  Most of the fun is fighting the crowd at Suarez Bakery when the Cuban bread comes out of the oven around 2 on Saturday afternoon.

Cooking:  A big pot of veggie soup to eat for lunch next week.

Drinking:  Coffee and red wine.

Reading:  Petty:  The Biography by Warren Zanes

Trawling:  Sleepy Poet for a little wooden table for the living room and some vintage picture frames for a couple of prints I just ordered.

Nesting:  I’m clearing up the patio (my hillbilly backyard disaster area).  I’m envisioning some new potted shrubs and maybe some pansies to get ready for the winter.  Its not a great space to work with and I’ve just been stumped for so long.  But I’m going to spend some quality time on Pinterest to try to really come up with some ideas to make it a more usable space.

Deciding:  Whether or not to start painting my master bedroom and what color to paint it.  This is an ambitious undertaking that I am all but certain will collapse under the unbearable weight of my paint indecision.

WatchingThe Center Will Not Hold on Netflix.  Joan Didion’s nephew, Griffin Dunne, directed this documentary, which debuts on October 27.  I read about it in Vogue on my way to France and have been eagerly anticipating it ever since.  It’s probably no secret to y’all that Didion has been a great influence on me in terms of my thinking and, really, how I think about writing.  Not only that, but she is just bad assed.

Liking:  The amazing, cooler and crisp fall weather and the leaves that are beginning to change in Charlotte.

Happy Happy Weekend, everyone!

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